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Out-of-court settlement: PPP Sindh MPA and two other involved in the Nazim Jokhio case acquitted

District and Sessions in addition Three defendants, including Jam Owais of the Pakistan Peoples Party and member of the Sindh Assembly, were accused of the murder of Nazim Jokhio have been acquitted of the charge. Judge Malir allowed their appeal for reconciliation.

On the plea of the accused in the Nazim Jokhio murder case requesting reconciliation with the deceased’s family, the judge rendered a decision.

Jam Owais and the other defendants showed up in court. The court granted Jam Owais, Meraj Jokhio, and Ahmed Khan’s request for reconciliation. The court turned down the two accused parties’ demand for amicable resolution.

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The court’s ruling noted that the two suspects are charged with kidnapping, therefore the request for reconciliation was denied.

Accused On the grounds of murder, Dudu Khan and Somar have been freed; nevertheless, a case of kidnapping the deceased will be brought against them.

In November 2021, Nazim Jokhio was murdered through torture.



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