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Power Cuts – Several hours of Load Shedding continues

Unannounced and prolonged power load shedding has made life’s of citizens difficult. Many cities  are facing power cuts despite the winter season.

According to the details, record decrease in hydropower production in the country has been recorded, As 15 units generating electricity in Tarbela Dam have been shut down, only 500MW of electricity is being generated out of 10,000MW of hydroelectricity, electricity production in Tarbela Dam has reduced to 325MW.

As per the details, only 2 power units are generating electricity in Tarbela Dam, no electricity is being produced from Tarbela T4, electricity generation from Mangala Dam is also stopped, only 500 MW of electricity is generated out of 10 thousand MW of hydropower. The power shortfall is 3228 MW.

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