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Petrol Stations Across Pakistan to Close Due to Strike

The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association has announced a countrywide strike starting July 5, demanding the government reverse its decision on the new advance tax.

Chairman Abdul Sami Khan, speaking at a press conference, outlined the association’s grievances. He highlighted that the government’s recent budget introduced a 0.5 percent advance turnover tax, which he claims will severely harm petrol pump businesses.

According to Khan, petrol pump operators are already struggling with thin profit margins due to high inflation, and this additional tax would be devastating.

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Khan expressed frustration, noting that he had met with the finance minister but did not receive satisfactory answers. The association has called for the government to abolish the advance income tax within four days, warning of strict measures if their demands are not met.

Representing 14,000 dealers, the association has decided to shut down petrol pumps nationwide starting July 5 as part of their protest.



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