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Rumors are false: Google play is not going anywhere

Online rumors asserting that Pakistani Android users won’t be able to access Google Play Store services are untrue and deceptive because they don’t take into account the fact that users will still be able to download and utilize free apps.

However, due to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) stopping a transfer of $34 million to international tech companies, Android users in Pakistan won’t be able to purchase premium apps or access in-app paid services through mobile carrier billing. To stop the flow of funds leaving the nation, this was done.

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The Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) online mobile payment system, which enables customers to make purchases using their mobile credit, was reportedly halted by the SBP. As a result, the $34 million payment to foreign service providers including Google, Amazon, and Meta has been suspended.

It is crucial to point out that Pakistani customers can access Google Play Store’s premium apps and services only by using their credit or debit cards.



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