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What are the new visa rules for Saudi Arabia?

A maximum three-month extension for single-entry visit visas has been announced by Saudi Arabia in accordance with the most recent changes to the visa rules and regulations.

Holders of single-entry visit visas will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for up to three months at a time in this manner.

Furthermore, the term of stay for holders of transit visas has been increased by Saudi authorities. The holders of the specified visas may stay for up to 96 hours without incurring any additional fees.

Currently, single-entry visas for family travel are only valid for 30 days, whereas multiple-entry visas are good for 90 days.

Before this, Saudi Arabia also revealed an unique deal for FIFA World Cup ticket holders, enabling them to do Umrah without paying a visa charge.

Additionally, if a person has a Hayya card, which is issued to soccer fans attending FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar, they will not be charged to conduct Umrah.

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