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200 officials to go on Hajj on Tax payers money

The government has finalised a list of 200 officials/officers from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony for Hajj this year. Apart from 35 personnel of the minister’s office, including five drivers, four gunmen, one cook, and 11 personal secretaries and assistants, Religious Affairs Minister Mufti Abdul Shakoor will also be performing Hajj on Tax Payers money this year, according to Kasim Abbasi.

On Monday, June 6, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) began Hajj flight operations, with 1,080 pilgrims departing for Hajj. Two flights left Islamabad, one from Lahore, and one from Quetta.

According to a representative for the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the government’s Hajj scheme would transport at least 32,000 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia on 106 Hajj aircraft. Under the “Road to Makkah” project, 42 flights will take hajj pilgrims from Pakistan.

For the fourth year in a row, Saudi Arabia has started the “Road to Makkah” campaign in five countries, including Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, and Bangladesh.

The “Road to Makkah” project, according to the Saudi Interior Ministry, intends to receive pilgrims and expedite their procedures from their home countries.

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