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‘People of Pakistan have to make Sacrifices to revive the economy’: Govt bans imported luxury items

The government has worked up a plan to restore economic stability in the country, according to Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb; hence govt bans imported luxury items.

She unveiled a “economic plan” during a press conference on Thursday that centred around prohibiting imports to stem foreign exchange outflows from the country despite a growing trade deficit.

The federal government decided on Wednesday to prohibit the import of luxury goods, including automobiles.

“This is an emergency scenario, and Pakistanis will be forced to make sacrifices as part of the economic strategy,” she explained.

According to her, the prohibition will have a $6 billion annual impact on foreign reserves.

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“PM Shehbaz has been working tirelessly for the sake of Pakistan and has decided to prohibit the importation of all non-essential commodities,” she continued.

Marriyum published a list of commodities banned by the government as part of the economic strategy on Thursday.

Cars, mobile phones, tissue papers, furniture, makeup, shampoo, confectionery products, luxury mattresses and sleeping bags, fruits and dry fruits, sunglasses, fish, and frozen food are among the prohibited items.

Home appliances, crockery, personal weapons, shoes, chandeliers and lights, sanitary ware, carpets, doors and window frames, heaters, musical instruments, cigarettes, and chocolates have all been prohibited.

“People of Pakistan have to make sacrifices to revive the economy”, the minister added.

She also said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Shairf will soon adderse the nation.

There is a mixed reaction from the public since Govt bans imported luxury items in the country, as reported.



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