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40 workers including Usman Dar arrested, ahead of Sialkot Jalsa

Punjab police on Saturday arrested Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Usman Dar and other party workers ahead of a scheduled rally in Sialkot.

Over preparations for a public gathering in the city, police invaded the jalsagah using heavy machinery. At the venue, a brawl broke out between PTI workers and police.

Police stormed the PTI public meeting, stating that the district administration had denied the party permission to hold a rally at CTI Ground in Sialkot.

“As you know we are right now standing on a ground that belongs to the Christian community. They had filed a writ [petition] in the high court, asking that no political rally be held on the grounds,” said Sialkot DPO Hasan Iqbal.

In response to PTI workers’ resistance, police used tear gas shelling and baton charges to disperse them.

Furthermore, Usman Dar released his video statement from the police van after his arrest. He said that we were arrested from Sialkot Ground today.

Usman Dar said, “I tell the youth of Sialkot to get out, great people of Sialkot get out, Imran Khan will definitely come to Sialkot today, these people put us in jails, peaceful meeting is our legal and constitutional right.”




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