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How to Apply for Punjab Free Solar Systems Scheme

Earlier in April this year, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif announced to provide free solar systems to 50,000 families in the province. 

According to the plan, these solar systems will be provided to households which are consuming up to 100 units of electricity. These families will get a 1KW system, which includes two solar panels, a battery, an inverter, and wires.

It should be noted that such a solar system can fans, lights, small motors, etc. Furthermore, it will also provide up to 16 hours of backup through the lithium-ion battery.

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Despite the announcement of the free solar systems scheme, the Punjab government hadn’t revealed the procedure to apply for it. However, earlier today, the provincial government announced an easy way for eligible families to register. 

Cost of the Project

According to the official documents, all the expenses of the solar systems installations will be paid by the provincial government. The documents further revealed that the project will cost Rs. 10 billion. 

Who are Eligible? 

It is pertinent to mention that households involved in electricity theft, meter tampering record or any other scheme will not be eligible. Those consuming less than 100 units per month are eligible for the scheme. 

How to Apply 

 Those who meet the criteria mentioned above can send their bill reference number and identity card number to 8800. The data of the eligible individuals will then be provided to the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC). 

NTC will forward the data Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Following the verification of the data, the PITB will send the final list to the district administration for the installation of the solar systems. 

Project Management Unit

Official documents reveal that the Department of Energy received approval to establish a project management unit to oversee the project’s implementation.



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