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IMF delegation will assess Pakistan’s economic performance in Nov

A crucial visit by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Pakistan is planned for November, and preparations are underway. This trip’s objective is to evaluate Pakistan’s economic performance, with a special emphasis on the months of July through September.

According to reputable sources in the financial community, this visit is a part of an ongoing evaluation that was initiated when the loan program was extended. IMF and caretaker administration representatives will hold crucial conversations to evaluate Pakistan’s development and adherence to the stated economic goals.

According to reports from ARY News, Pakistan is on pace to receive the second installment of financial aid from the $3 billion loan package, which comes to $700 million. This development demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to fulfilling the requirements set forth by the IMF in order to promote economic stability and prosperity.

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By March 2024, the IMF is expected to give Pakistan a loan of almost $1.8 billion, according to projections. This optimistic forecast reflects both the favorable trajectory of Pakistan’s economy and the steady restoration of investor confidence.

However, the disbursement of these funds is contingent upon Pakistan passing two rigorous economic reviews. This demonstrates Pakistan’s dedication to carrying out structural changes and ensuring sustained economic growth.



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