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Pakistan’s weekly inflation rate soars to almost 44%

Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI)-based inflation climbed by 0.92 percent for the week ending April 6, 2023, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). This marks Pakistan’s weekly inflation rate has soared to almost 44%. This increase is primarily the result of rising food prices, including those for chicken (15.87%), sugar (13.48%), potatoes (5.11%), bananas (4.95%), wheat flour (3.10%), gur (2.12%), eggs (1.26%), fresh milk (1.24%), and long cloth, a non-food item. (1.95 per cent).

The year-over-year trend shows an increase of 44.49 percent, which is primarily attributable to an increase in the cost of cigarettes (165.68%), wheat flour (131.72%), gas for the first quarter (107.38%), diesel for the same period (102.84%), eggs (98.34%), Lipton tea (97.63%), broken basmati rice (84.92%), bananas (82.23%), petrol (81.17%), irri-6/9 rice (80.61%), (55.75 per cent). Tomato costs, however, have decreased by 50.39%, as well as the cost of powdered chillies. (6.48 per cent).

According to the most recent statistics given by PBS on Friday, the SPI for the week under review has been calculated at 252.06 points compared to 249.75 points the previous week. Out of 51 items, 27 (52.94%) saw price increases during the week, seven (13.73%) saw price decreases, and 17 (33.33%) saw unchanged prices.

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The average price of commodities that have increased this week compared to last week includes chicken (15.87%), sugar (13.48%), potatoes (5.11%), bananas (4.95%), wheat flour (3.10%), gur (2.12%), long cloth 57″ Gul Ahmed/Al Karam (1.95%), eggs (1.26%), fresh milk (1.24%), irri-6/9 rice (0.80%), shirting (0.75%), beef with bone (0.71%), (0.18 per cent),Moong (0.16%), masoor (0.15%), maash (0.09%), cooked beef (0.04%), cooking oil of the Dalda or a comparable brand (sn), 5 litre tins of each (0.04%), and cooked daal are all included. (0.02 per cent).

Tomatoes (14.96%), onions (12.66%), LPG (3.73%), pulses (1.20%), vegetable ghee Dalda/Habib 2.5 kg tin each (0.71%), garlic (0.16%), and mustard oil are among the goods that have seen a decline in their average costs. (0.03 per cent).



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