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Pakistan threatens to boycott Asia Cup 2023

If Pakistan is denied the right to host the Asia Cup in 2023, it has vowed to boycott the event.

Dealing with an aggressive Indian campaign to put the tournament out of the host country’s reach, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has proposed to the Asian Cricket Council a hybrid model to ensure Indian team’s Participation.

Other teams would play their matches in Pakistan under this suggested format, but the Indian squad would play its matches abroad.

Due to worries about the heat, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) offered Sri Lanka as a potential host nation in instead of the UAE.

Oman was proposed by Pakistan as a substitute strategy. Despite being on a different continent, England was also taken into consideration as a potential location. The negotiations are moving quickly, and a definitive schedule should be made public in the following four to five days.

The PCB of Pakistan rejected the request to switch the host nation to a different location. In a firm stance about the 2019 World Cup, PCB has reiterated that the Pakistan squad will not go to India for the World Cup if the Indian team does not compete in the Asia Cup.

There have been conversations about maybe pulling Pakistan out of hosting the Asia Cup and switching it to Sri Lanka or Bangladesh in the hopes that ties between India and Pakistan will likely have improved in two years and Pakistan will host the Asia Cup once more.
However, PCB authorities vehemently rejected the idea, insisting that if this were to happen, the event should be held without Pakistan’s participation instead of withdrawing from hosting the Asia Cup and replacing it with Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

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Pakistan emphasised the value of caring for the sentiments of its fans rather than the money element despite the probable financial loss.

Additionally, the nation would not consent to a total move of the Asia Cup to a neutral venue because the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has already generated significant revenue for the nation.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) emphasised during a meeting that they understood India’s worries but asked for a solution to be found because major events like the World Cup and Champions Trophy are coming up.



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