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Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programs won’t be harmed in exchange for an IMF agreement: Ishaq Dar

Ishaq Dar, Pakistan’s finance minister, made it clear during a Senate hearing on Thursday that the nation’s nuclear and missile programmes will not be compromised. Raza Rabbani, a PPP senator who expressed worries about the delay in Pakistan’s deal with the International Monetary Fund, submitted queries in response to which the promise was provided (IMF). According to Rabbani, the delay could be the result of pressure being put on Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Dar responded to Rabbani’s inquiries by stating that the delay was not the result of any action taken by the current administration, but rather that the IMF had demanded that some friendly nations honor their obligations to assist Pakistan. Geo claims that Dar promised that the specifics will be published on the website of the finance ministry once the staff-level agreement and the Extended Financial Facility program were completed.

Dar highlighted that nobody had the right to limit Pakistan’s access to missile range or nuclear weapons and that he thought the country’s nuclear program was a matter of national security. According to him, Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programs are crucial for deterrence and defending the country’s interests.

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Concern has been raised over the IMF agreement’s postponement because it is thought to be essential for controlling a balance-of-payments crisis. The $6.5 billion accord, which was approved by the IMF in 2019, contains $1.1 billion that will be disbursed after it is signed. Dar had previously attributed the delay to the previous administration, claiming that it had broken promises and reduced trust. Dar said Pakistan was “very close” to finalizing the agreement despite the delay.



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