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When can you submit Hajj Applications in Pakistan?

The dates for accepting applications for the Hajj in 2023 have finally been made public by the federal authorities.

The procedure for filing Hajj applications will start on March 16th, a Thursday, and it will end on March 31st, a Friday. In the first week of April, a draw will be held for Hajj applicants.

In order to avoid any trouble, interested applicants must have the necessary documentation on hand in advance.

The Minister claimed that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan had both been impacted by the world economic downturn. The cost of performing the Hajj under the government programme has increased by Rs. 3 lac as a result of the depreciation of the Pakistani Pound.

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The Minister also mentioned that a sponsorship program had been authorized. Out of the $284 million needed for the successful implementation of this year’s Hajj plan, $194 million will be provided if the full quota of this scheme is used. The Finance Ministry has promised to pay the balance.



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