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Punjab flour mills association goes on strike

The Punjab Flour Mills Association (PFMA) has announced an indefinite strike that will start today and affect the market’s supply of flour starting on February 14.

The walkout is in retaliation for the Punjab Food Department suspending the wheat quotas for more than 100 flour mills.

Following the government’s decision to suspend the quotas, the ongoing disagreements between the Flour Mills Association and the Food Department have boiled over.

In a statement, the head of the Punjab Flour Mills Association said that the government’s quota for wheat will no longer be used by the mills, ending the market’s access to reasonably priced flour.

Additionally, he asked the Food Department to give proof of any supposed wrongdoing inside the association.

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Prior to this occurrence, the increased wheat quota and import caused a huge fall in the open market price of wheat in Punjab of Rs1,200 per maund. According to market vendors, the cost decreased from Rs5,200 to Rs4,000 per maund.

According to ARY News, the price of wheat per kilogramme in the open market has dropped from its previous cost of Rs130 per kg to Rs100 as a result of a decline of Rs1,200 per maund.



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