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Lahore will get 500 new Hybrid Buses

In the first stage of the government’s plan to operate environmentally friendly hybrid buses in the city of Lahore, Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi stated that 300 hybrid buses would be purchased.

According to the chief minister, 200 new bus stations would be built for the benefit of the public. The Punjab Masstransit Authority (PMA), which Parvez Elahi chaired during its 20th meeting, chose to buy ecologically friendly hybrid buses.

The delegates were informed by Parvez Elahi that there would be 513 hybrid buses operating in the city and that the Punjab Masstransit Authority would contract with private businesses to operate new hybrid buses.

The chief minister ordered that seats in the new buses be reserved for women, those differently abled, and those who are blind or visually impaired. He further specified that these seats should be located near the bus door. The chief minister approved the construction of new bus stops in Lahore and stated that the routes of the new buses should be designed keeping in mind the schedules of women’s educational institutions.

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Parvez Elahi criticised the fact that prior attempts to establish a government-level transportation system spectacularly failed because the province’s transportation system was utterly inadequately designed to persist.

The opening of the Punjab Masstransit Authority’s offices in Dera Gujran and the authority’s ability to hold auctions received the chief minister’s permission. The meeting was attended by other members of the Punjab Assembly as well as Iftikhar Gondal, Khadija Umar, Shamim Aftab, Muhammad Khan Bhatti’s principal secretary, the secretaries of finance and transportation.



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