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Pakistani PM to attend Climate change conference

Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister (PM), has departed for Egypt in order to attend the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP27).

The foreign minister (FM), several cabinet members, and senior government officials are with the prime minister.

PM Shehbaz said on Twitter before leaving that he would bring up the devastating effects of climate change in Pakistan.

“I will urge the world to deliver on its commitment on climate finance & loss and damage fund. Without financial support, the developing countries will continue to remain exposed to the multifarious threats of climate change. We are asking for climate justice”, he tweeted.

The premier emphasised that the evaluation of Pakistan’s post-disaster needs had revealed that the country’s path to recovery and rehabilitation could be slowed down by public debt, rising food and energy prices internationally, and a lack of access to adaptation funds.

PM Shehbaz was declared to serve as the COP27 vice-chairperson last month.

The meeting is being held when the severe negative effects of climate change are being felt by millions of people worldwide, including millions in Pakistan.

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