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End of Longest Reigning Monarch | Queen Elizabeth Dies at 96

The queen died quietly on Thursday afternoon at Balmoral Castle, her retreat in the Scottish Highlands, according to royal family officials. This marked end of longest reigning monarch of Great Britain ever.

Her son King Charles, who will return to London on Friday, is currently with her at Balmoral.

The longest reigning British monarch was Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled the United Kingdom for seven decades.

In recent years, the queen has taken on less official duties, occasionally skipping engagements when her attendance used to be required.

She used to spend a lot of time at the family’s rural estate close to London, Windsor Castle, and the Scottish castle, Balmoral, due to recent mobility issues.

The Queen returned to Pakistan 36 years later, in 1997, at its 50th anniversary of independence. Prince Philip, her husband, was once more with her.

Who is the new King?

Charles, as the queen’s eldest son, inherited the sovereign title and job as head of the Commonwealth, along with other assets such as land and property.

Prince Philip was the eldest of the four children the late queen and her husband produced together. At age 3, when his mother succeeded to the throne at age 25, he became the heir apparent to Britain. Among Charles’ titles are Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, and Earl of Carrick.

Following Charles and Diana Spencer’s 1981 wedding, the Prince and Princess of Wales were born. They gave birth to two princes, William and Harry. Diana and Charles divorced in 1992. After Diana’s demise in 1997, Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles, who is now known as the Duchess of Cornwall, in 2005.

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