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Two PIA planes escape mid-air collision over Iranian airspace

Two Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft that were travelling in the same direction and at the same height escaped a mid-air collision above Iranian airspace close to the UAE border.

According to reports, the Iranian Air Traffic Control’s claimed incompetence caused the two aircraft to almost collide in midair (ATC). The Iranian ATC, however, afterwards authorised both aircraft’s altitude. According to standard procedure, one was told to dive, and the other was told to fly at a higher height.

The first aircraft, a PIA Boeing 777, was travelling from Islamabad to Dubai, and the second, an Airbus A320, was travelling from Doha to Peshawar.

According to a PIA spokeswoman, aircraft (PK-211), a Boeing 777 from Doha, was maintaining a 35,000-feet altitude when it approached PIA flight (PK-268) from Doha, an Airbus A320 destined for Peshawar. He claimed that the PK-268 flight had been given permission to descend to 20,000 feet while it was flying at a height of 36,000 feet.

The descent would have occurred in the path of PIA aircraft Boeing 777 PK-211, according to the PIA spokeswoman.

The spokeswoman for Pakistan Airlines stated that the airline is writing to the ATC to inquire about the subject of negligence.

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