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Samina Baig becomes first Pakistani woman to summit K2

Samina Baig, a climber from Gilgit-Shimshal Baltistan, is the first female Pakistani to summit K2. Samina Baig and a crew of seven Pakistanis successfully scaled the perilous peak of K2 at 7:42 am today (Friday).

Samina Baig, Eid Muhammad, Bulbul Kari, Ahmed Baig, Rizwan Dad, Waqar Ali, and Akber Hussain Sadpara are the other members of the team.

Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister, praised Samina Baig for her accomplishment.

“Samina Baig has emerged as a symbol of determination, courage and bravery of Pakistani women,” tweeted PM Shehbaz.

K2, the second-highest peak on Earth, is located 8,611 metres above sea level. It is regarded as the treacherous and difficult summit in the entire planet.

2013 saw Baig ascend Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, becoming the first Pakistani woman to do so and now becoming first Pakistani woman to summit K2.

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