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Nepra Introduces Monthly Fixed Fees of Rs200-1,000

Starting July 1, 2024, Nepra will introduce new electricity tariffs, imposing fixed monthly charges of Rs200-1,000 on residential consumers, depending on their monthly usage.

Residential consumers using 301-400 units per month will pay Rs200, those using 401-500 units will pay Rs400, and consumers using 501-600 units will pay Rs600.

Those using 601-700 units will be charged Rs800, while usage above 700 units will incur a Rs1,000 fixed charge. Users with ToU meters will also pay Rs1,000.

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Commercial users with a load under 5kW will pay Rs1,000, while those with 5kW and above will see a 300 percent increase, paying Rs2,000 instead of Rs500. Industrial consumers will also face increased charges. B1 category users up to 25kW under ToU metering will pay Rs1,000, while B2 category users up to 500kW will pay Rs2,000, a 300 percent hike.

B3 category users up to 5,000kW will see a 335 percent increase, paying Rs2,000, and B4 category users will also face a 355 percent increase, now paying Rs2,000.

Currently, 72 percent of electricity costs are fixed charges, but only 2 percent of revenue comes from these charges. The government will soon petition Nepra for a uniform tariff for FY25, following Nepra’s determination of a base tariff increase to Rs5.72 per unit.

The new base tariff will rise to Rs35.50 per unit, generating over Rs3.763 trillion in revenue for FY25.



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