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South-Korea Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Depending on the purpose of the trip and the length of the stay, different requirements may apply for Pakistani citizens willing to visit South-Korea on a visa. Here, we’ll go over some key types of paperwork required to obtain a visa for South Korea from Pakistan. By delivering these documents to the South Korea Embassy, you can quickly obtain a visa for South Korea. Here is a list of the necessary paperwork.

There is a large demand for information about the Pakistani visa application process and requirements for South Korea. Get detailed information and a how-to manual here on how to travel to South Korea. We will give you full instructions on how to obtain a visa for South Korea from Pakistan. You can now get a step-by-step tutorial on how to obtain a visa for South Korea from Pakistan. We will provide all the details about the South-Korea visa requirements for Pakistani citizens.

Visa Information for Pakistan Citizens

  • Pakistani citizens who have an ordinary passport have to obtain a visa to enter the Republic of South-Korea.
  • Pakistani citizens who are holding diplomatic and/or official passport are exempted from Visa for staying less than 90 days in South-Korea.

List of Items Required For South Korea Visa Requirements For Pakistani Citizens

  • Original Passport (minimum 6 months validity)
  • Visa Application Form (filled in personally by the applicant)
  • One photo the size of a passport (33×48 mm size with white background)
  • Personal Financial/Bank Statement (6 months)
  • Cover letter for bank account maintenance
  • Air E-Ticket
  • Hotel Booking
  • Paperwork according to the category of the status (see below)
    • (More than 91 Days) Medical Certificate and TB Test Report (Check for official medical centers on website – Visa Announcement)
  • Consent to Quarantine

Visitor’s Short-term Visa (Tourist, C-3-9)(For less than 90 days)

  • Passport (valid for at least six months)
  • One Application Form (filled in personally by the applicant)
  • One recent white background passport-size photograph
  • Personal Bank Statement for previous six months
  • Cover letter certificate for bank account maintenance
  • Covering request letter
  • E-ticket
  • Hotel booking

Short-Term visit Visa (Business, C-3-4)(For less than 90 days)

Documents that the South-Korean Inviter must prepare for South-Korea visa requirements for Pakistani citizens

  • Original and Notarized letter of invitation from a Korean Company
  • Guarantee Letter [Original & Notarized] from the Korean Company (The Korean Immigration Official website provides a link to obtain the Official Guarantee form.)
  • A copy of the Korean company’s registration certificate

Documents that the Pakistani Invitee must prepare

  • Individual & Company National Tax Number Certificate (Original & Copy)
  • Tax Payment Receipt for the Business & Individual (Original & Copy)
  • Certificate of Company Registration (Original & Copy)
  • Personal & Company Bank Statement(s) for the last six months
  • Documents proving a business relationship, such as a sales contract or a letter of credit

Remark : Multiple Entry Visa

  • One may apply for a multiple entry visa if they have visited Korea more than four times in the previous two years without breaking any immigration or other laws.
  • The same documents as above are used.

Remark: Free visa for multiple entries

  • Those who have visited Korea more than four times in the two years prior to the application deadline, or
  • Those who have visited South-Korea more than 10 times overall. (At least one of the visits must have taken place in the past two years.)
  • Information about the issuing of visas: Short-term general (C-3-1), valid for 5 years with a 30-day maximum stay.(Business objectives include)

Short-Term Visitor Visa (C-3-1) (For Less Than 90 Days) (Family Visit, Conference)

Documents that the Korean Inviter must prepare

  • Invitation letter from Korea (Original & Notarized)
  • Korean Guarantee Letter (Original & Notarized) – You can download an official guarantee form from the Korean Immigration website.
  • Copies of the visa or the alien registration certificate, if the inviter is a Pakistani national
  • Additional documents that provide details about the reason for entry

Documents that the Pakistani Invitee must prepare – South-Korea visa requirements for Pakistani citizens

  • Job Certificate/Recommendation Letter
  • Last Six Months’ Bank Statement
  • Other documents include family relationship papers, a marriage certificate (if you marry a Korean), etc.

Student Visa (D-2)

Korean documents that need to be prepared

  • Original Letter of Admission from the President of educational institution i.e. College/University
  • Certificate of Scholarship from the Educational Institute (if applicable)
  • Business Registration Certificate of the School in Korea

Paperwork that need to be prepared in Pakistan

  • Original academic credentials i.e. certificates/degrees (attested by HEC or another relevant educational board)
  • Certificate of English Language proficiency(IELTS is recommended)
  • Educational certificates and degrees, both original and copies
  • Financial Statement/Affidavit
  • Those who get scholarships in Korea must submit a letter of scholarship or financial support from their university.
  • Bank Financial guarantee statement (for oneself or a family member)

* The last six months’ worth of bank statements must show that you have adequate money to pay for your entire stay in Korea on the certificate of admission. The funds must have been kept in the account for at least one month. Bank statements that were issued more than two weeks prior to the date of your application are not acceptable. The applicant may provide either Document 1 or Document 2 together with their personal bank statements if they are unable to support themselves financially.

  1. Parents’ Financial Affidavit: a photocopy of each parent’s passport, a letter with their signature on it explaining how they agree to financially support the applicant in full, a bank statement from the previous six months showing that there is enough money in the account to cover the sums mentioned above for the previous month, and a birth or family relationship certificate attesting to the relationship between the applicant and the supporter.
  2. If you receive a scholarship, you must submit the scholarship certificate. The sponsor must clearly state the scholarship information, including the recipient’s name and the entire award amount, on the certificate.

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Korean’s spouse (Marriage visa) (F-6-1)

  • Official Marriage Certificate(Specific)
  • Basic Certificate(Specific)
  • Family Certificate(Specific)
  • Copy of Korean Identification Card
  • Certificate of Resident Registration(Original)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Certificate of Real Estate Register/Rental Agreement
  • Letter of Invitation[Original & Notarized]
  • Guarantee Letter from Korean spouse[Original & Notarized] (Official Guarantee form can be downloaded from the Korean Immigration Official website )
  • Personal Details Form for Marriage Migrant Visa
  • Documents proving inviter has enough assets or job certificate
  • Financial Support documents such as Bank Statement, Home lease Agreement or any property owned by Inviter.
  • Credit History Certificate from National Bank Association Korea.
  • Medical Certificate
  • Inviter should visit the web page for complete documents

Documents that the Invitee (in Pakistan) must prepare

  • Marriage certificate(issued by NADRA in Pakistan / in English) attested by Notary Public of Pakistan
  • Police Character Certificate
  • Medical Certificate and TB Test Report

Dependent Family Visa (F-3): Joining Family

Spouses and minor relatives of Pakistani nationals holding D-1, D-2, D-4, D-7, D-8, D-9, and E-7 visas are eligible family members.

Family in Korea will prepare the following necessary paperwork

  • Copy of Alien Registration card
  • Letter of Invitation[Original & Notarized]
  • Guarantee Letter from Korea or Inviter[Original & Notarized]
  • Financial Support Documents; Inviter’s Job Certificate, Tax Paper, Bank Statements, etc.
  • House Rental Statement
  • Official Guarantee form can be downloaded from the Korean Immigration Official web-site

Family in Pakistan will prepare the following necessary paperwork

  • Certificate of marriage/birth/ family, etc.(in English, issued by NADRA)

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Visa Fee, Non-Refundable

  • Single Entry Visa 7400PKR($40) – Less than 90 Days
  • Single Entry Visa 11,100PKR($60) – More than 91 Days

For more information, please get in touch with:

  • Telephone: 021-3585-3950/1
  • E-mail: karachi@mofa.go.kr
  • Homepage: https://overseas.mofa.go.kr/pk-karachi-en/index.do

Disclaimer: The South-Korea visa requirements for Pakistani citizens have been obtained from the official South-Korean ministry of foreign affairs website. Related official website for details is at the link1, link2. The details are subject to change on the respective websites and shall be reflected accordingly.



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