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PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan tables royalties bill

Faisal Javed Khan, a senator for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has proposed a measure to guarantee artist royalties.

The senator stated on Twitter on Monday that the necessity to assure artist royalties was heavily emphasised last year. He was therefore introducing a bill in the Senate to ensure that creative people are given priority.

When a television programme that they contributed to is rerun, artists receive royalties.

“After getting the resolution passed unanimously last year. Glad to announce that today it was indeed a pleasure tabling the much needed royalties bill especially for the poor creative people of our country. #RoyaltiesForArtists Hoping to get it passed soon Insha’ALLAH”

“Artists have been facing the issue of rightful & just royalties for a long time due to redundant and out-dated provisions of relevant laws. The amendment in copyright ordinance 1962 aims at empowering copyright board to fix the royalties for licencing & assignment of work”

Actors like Vasay Chaudhry praised the bill and noted it as a crucial decision to protect creative people in Pakistan. He did this by pointing out how shows are frequently broadcast on television but actors or writers whose efforts contributed to the success of the show are not adequately compensated.

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