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Digital challan system launched in Lahore

The computerized challan system was formally introduced on Tuesday by Lahore’s Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Dr. Assad Malhi, to replace the city’s decades-old manual system of fining traffic violators.

After assessing its efficacy, it will gradually be extended to the rest of the city. It began as a test project on The Mall.

The use of digital challans, according to CTO Lahore, would put an end to complaints about fake and fraudulent challans and ensure transparency.

On the traffic wardens’ smartphones, he said, a specially made App has been downloaded, and the general public will get a challan message.

After entering the ID card number or vehicle number into the app, all the information will be filled in immediately.

He said that the digital mobile phone app has connections to or affiliations with various government agencies.

The excise and taxes department, the police crime record office, the anti-vehicle lifting squad, the route permit office, and the database management for fitness certificates were among them.

The wardens will be able to see the traffic offender’s criminal past after entering their CNIC number, according to DAWN, and if the offender has a criminal history, they will immediately call the police to have them arrest them on the spot.

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