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Here are the three cheapest cars available in Pakistan

Since the start of 2022, Pakistani automakers have repeatedly announced large price rises, driving up the cost of vehicles to the point that those with low means cannot even consider sedans from the most prestigious or recent manufacturers. Hence need for the cheapest cars being available in the country becomes evident.

Buyers might, however, take into account certain competitively priced products on the Pakistani market. We have made an effort to help such buyers with a count of three cheapest cars available in Pakistan. Here are a few vehicles under Rs 2 million in price:

United Alpha

The cheapest automobile available on the Pakistani market is the United Alpha, which has a 1000cc engine and costs Rs1,559,000.

Although this car is affordable, prospective purchasers can consider the Alpha’s resale value and parts availability.

These cars are fantastic possibilities for people looking for a cheap vehicle due to the dearth of options in the Pakistani auto market.

Suzuki Alto VX

Another nice option is the Suzuki Alto VX (Manual Transmission). It also benefits from being produced by a respected company. Even while the vehicle may not appear to be very comfy, it is one of the most cost-effective options at less than Rs1.8 million.

The price of Alto right now is Rs. 1,789,000. Prior to a hefty price rise of Rs314,000, the mini-hatchback was being sold for Rs1,475,000.

Prince Pearl (Pricey of the 3 Cheapest Cars available in Pakistan)

Prince Pearl may not have the most opulent interior or eye-catching exterior, but the small hatchback is one of the most reasonably priced automobiles available on the local market.

Prince Pearl’s maker, Regal Automobiles, is another company that recently altered automobile prices.

The business raised Prince Pearl’s price from Rs1,534,000 to Rs1,920,000, an increase of Rs386,000.

Regal Automobiles was recognised for having one of Pakistan’s most cheap car ranges until this price rise. However, the price of its entry-level car has increased to about Rs2 million.

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