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PTI submits petition in SC for long march to ISL

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has petitioned the Supreme Court for permission to march on Islamabad for a second time.

The interior ministry, the inspector-general of Islamabad, and others were named as respondents in the petition filed by PTI Secretary-General Asad Umar for long march.

On March 26, PTI Chairman Imran Khan unexpectedly ended his “Azadi March” and gave the PML-N administration a six-day deadline to announce a date for a general election. He then claimed that he called off the march because he was afraid of bloodshed.

According to the plea, the court should rule that the PTI be permitted to stage peaceful rallies and gatherings in Islamabad, and that no hurdles should be placed in the path of PTI protests in any city.

The court should order that no PTI worker or leader be imprisoned or tortured, that intimidation techniques against PTI members and raids on homes be avoided, and that people’s freedom of movement be preserved.

The petition asks the court to order that no force be used against protesters and sit-in participants.

In the event that the government fails to announce elections, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for protests in Islamabad.



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